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When we collide, let's see what gets left over

Info about this LJ (there is nothing of any relevance located under 'user info')

Hi! This is my LJ. I use it for fandomish things. I write fic. Currently, I mostly write for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel the Series fandoms, but I occasionally make forays into other fandoms. 

I make occasional use of the f-lock. All my fic is unlocked (in the highly unlikely event, that I ever write RPF, that would be locked, but I can't think of any reasons why I would lock anything else). I don't post about my real life very often, but anything that involves RL details will always be locked. Fannish things that aren't fic are occasionally locked, occasionally not. It depends on the subject matter (and whether or not I remember to flock). 

I try to keep all my fic linked in the Masterlist below, but I'm horrendous at actually keeping it updated. However, I do keep up with my tags, so anything I've written will be under the 'fic' tag. 

If you're going to friend me, do you mind leaving a comment and telling me why? I'll probably add you regardless, but I'm curious about how/why people find me. 


Hi! Would it be ok if I added you? I know you from this fandom's most elaborate friending meme, aka ever_neutral's journal. It feels like I've been reading your comments on various things for ages :).
Of course it's okay to add me!
Come on in and witness the utter wreck that is my blog :]

I see you around quite a bit as well! Not sure why I haven't added you yet, tbh. I know I've meant to a couple times and then gotten distracted for whatever reason and forgotten.... Whoops.

HI! *waves*
I suppose you got distracted by shiny objects ;). Or, at least, that's the reason I usually forget stuff.
distracted by shiny objects = story of my life.