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When we collide, let's see what gets left over

Twin Peaks and Veronica Mars graphic

This is potentially interesting to maybe three or four people on my flist, since I don't think very many of you have seen both Twin Peaks and Veronica Mars. Anyway, last week(? kwritten nd I got on the topic of the parallels between Laura Palmer, and Lilly Kane. Specifically, the way both of their stories were a deconstruction of the ideal, perfect, woman. Both girls start their series as the catalyst. A murdered, teenage girl, who everyone seems to have loved. They can do no wrong. But both shows progress, and through flashbacks, and discovery, the audience finds that neither Laura, nor Lilly were perfect, not by a longshot. Long story short, that discussion made me want to make something and this was the result. 



I've watched 'em both and I think this is interesting! The evil father (or close enough) who — SPOILER — is their undoing is another commonality.

Though I don't know if I ever really got the impression that Lily was such a paragon. She seemed mischievous from the start, with her parents (or mom anyway) never quite able to stuff her into their "princess" box. That could be due to 20/20 hindsight on my part, though. It's been awhile since I watched it.

Lovely graphic. Well, for a certain value of lovely, anyway. I like it.

Lily was definitely less of a paragon than Laura was, and while she was alive she the farthest thing from it. But by the time the pilot rolled around, a year after her death, the people who loved her and missed her had managed to turn her into more of an idol, than she ever was in life. Plus, all the attention her death garnered, and no one wants to speak ill of the dead, especially if the dead child of a very powerful family. Grief and public exposure turned Lily into much more of a martyred figure in the year following her death, than she probably was immediately after. This is, obviously, all just my own interpretation though.

This is amazing!

+ If Veronica joined the FBI she would be the snarky female equivalent of a pre-Twin Peaks Cooper. And you just know she would have a mini tape recorder named Logan.

I love your brain. Have I told you that lately?
Thank you!!

OMG, Veronica-as-Cooper, and a Logan tape recorder. I love YOUR brain!