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Fic Masterlist + Other Things I Made

 98% of this masterlist is so I can keep up with all my stories in one place. I primarily write oneshots, so it's starting to be difficult to remember where everything is. But if anyone wants a convenient way to find any of my stuff, this is the place.

It's divided by fandom, and each fandom is chronologically ordered. None of the stories are connected to each other unless specified.

EDITED JUNE 2012 **Newly added stuff is starred** 



Scream at Me Until my Ears Bleed- At the end of Sophomore year, Logan is getting a little tired of Veronica playing the victim. Not that he cares about her or anything. Pre-LoVe (

Season 2

I'll Be Alone Dancing- The summer after Veronica graduates form high school, she finds her senior yearbook. Ficlet (

Hello Jack- Dick Finds out about Cassidy. (
Season 3

Drowning- Dick deals with Cassidy's death by drinking. Mac deals by taking caring of Dick. Mac/Dick friendship 
( and part two (


Victim- Mac/Dick drabble (

Epic- The flip side of epic romance is epic tragedy. Angsty LoVe ficlet (

BtVS/AtS (I'm grouping them together, seeing as they took place in the same universe).

Generally speaking, I'll list chaptered stories together, but Conversations About Dead People is a chaptered story made up of stand-alones that span the series and beyond, so I'll post them by season, and then post all the after canon chapters together since they take place in a cohesive universe. 


Seeing Stars- Drusilla awakes to a brand new world. Drabble. (

* Sing We Joyous- Dru, Darla; 1899. "Happy Christmas Grandmother" (

* Action is Action- Ethan, Giles; "The first time Ethan saw Rupert Giles, they were in a grocery store." (

 Season 2

Everything would be What it Isn't- AU set in the early seasons. In a post apocalypse landscape Spike ends up at the White Hat's door. (

 Drink Up the Pretty Sunshine- The pixies carry such dreadful words to Drusilla. Tones of Spuffy. Ficlet. (

Conversations About Dead People- Angelus and Dru have a conversation about Spike and betrayal. (

CADP- After Buffy takes off, Joyce offers Giles a shocking suggestion of where to find her. (

Season 3

CADP- Giles and Buffy discuss the highly unusual alliance she entered into to defeat Angelus. (

CADP- Buffy accidentally tells Willow the reason she's no longer seeing Angel. (

Season 4

* Kiss Me, Kill Me- Buffy/Spike; AUs, four times their relationship could have changed but didn't. (

* The Girl, She Dreams in Shades of Adoration- Harmony-centric, mentions of Harm/Spike; Last night she dreamed she was in France (

No Power on this Earth- What exactly happened to Xander on summer vacation? Drabble (

CADP- Harmony wants to go dancing. Spike has other ideas about what's important. (

CADP- Anya is struggling with being human. Xander/Anya with spuffy undertones. (  

CADP- Willow and Tara discuss the implications of Willow's spell in Something Blue. Willow/Tara (

Blame it on the Black Star- A look a an alternate Spuffy history in the Superstarverse. Takes place in 2 and 3 as well, but since Superstar was in season 4 I'm putting it here. (

CADP- After Restless, Buffy and Riley talk about Hostile 17. (

 Season 5

* Where's a Spooky Mask When You Need One?- Buffy/Spike, summer between S4 and 5; Buffy runs into Spike on patrol. And then things really take a turn for the creepy. (

CADP- Spike goes to Dracula looking to collect his debt, and they have some...territorial issues. (

CADP- After OomM, Buffy makes a choice. (

With a Burning Violin- Dancing is all they've ever known. (

Blood Like Wine- Angel gets his first taste of human blood since moving to L.A. (  

Sensible- Double drabble. Spuffy from Buffy's POV. (

Madly- A companion to Sensible, Spike POV. (

CADP- During the mad dash after Olaf the Troll, Buffy let's something slip. (

CADP- Dawn figures it out. (

CADP- Darla tries to convince Dru to return to Sunnydale  (

CADP- Because, we all know that Spike didn't just give up at the end of Crush. (

Girl Talk- When Harmony comes to LA, she and Cordelia indulge in a little gossip. Ficlet. (

CADP- Giles and Xander discuss their decision to leave Spike alive after Intervention. (

* I Will Keep My Promises my Dear- Buffy/Spike; missing moment from The Gift. Buffy and Spike talk about Dawn. (

CADP- After Willow breaks the news of Buffy's death to Angel, she and Cordelia have a chat. (

 Season 6

CADP- The Buffybot wants to please Spike. Spike just wants her to leave him alone. (

CADP- When Dawn wants the truth, she's learned to go to Anya. (

CADP- How did Angel find out about Buffy being alive anyway? (

Whirlygig- After the kitten poker, Spike brings a drunken Buffy home. (

CADP-  Willow and Buffy talk about the way things work out sometimes. (

Howl- Buffy falls off the edge. Ficlet set in the end of Smashed. (

Light up My Darkest Skies- The dreams start after Dawn breaks her arm. S6 Spuffy with S2 callbacks. (

Dirty- B/S twisted, kinky, sexy times. (

Razor to the Knife- Oh lonely is our lives, my head spinning round. S/B sexytimes (

CADP-Jonathan and Andrew become creepy basement voyeurs. (

Silk Shackles- After Buffy finds out that she didn't come back wrong, she has a choice to make. (

Heat- All she'd ever been was borrowed heat. (

CADP- Willow and Tara discuss Buffy's relationship with Spike. Willow/Tara (

Season 7 

CADP-  Xander and Buffy two weeks after Grave (

What Matters it How Far You Go?- I can't explain myself, because I'm not myself you see (

CADP- Dawn, Spike and a coat (

CADP- Xander and Molly (

20 20 24 Minutes to Go- This was the best birthday she'd had in years. (

CADP- Buffy and Dawn acting like sisters (

You Say That You're Not- X/A I know you're scared.(

No Unwounded Soldiers- Willow contemplates the war, her choices, and the future. (
How to Cope-  The night before the battle with the First, Xander stumbles upon an odd habit of Dawn's. Friendship, but can be read as pre-ship. (

AtS S5

*Blood and Rust- Buffy/Spike, WIP. Alt!S5, in which Buffy is in LA when Spike comes out of the amulet. B&R should be moving to it's own page soon, hopefully. (

*Not Much Older Now- Angel/Cordelia, Alt!S5. Baby hold on, we're not much older now. (

*Lose Your Heart In History- Darla, hints of Darla/Angel. Darla watches her boys from afar. (

*My Heart Was Never Pure- Wesley, Illyria. Hard things/soft things. (


I haven't read the comics, and I don't anticipate writing much that takes place within the comic canon, but whatever I do write for it, I'll post in it's own separate category.

Post-season 8
Demons, Personal or Otherwise- There comes a time in every relationship that you have to ask each other some tough questions. Dawn/Xander Ficlet. (


Birthday- B/S drabble. ( Sequel. (

Drowning in the Poison-  In a post-apacolyptic world, Buffy runs into a familiar face. (

The Art of Perfection- Buffy wants to be with Spike. They just have to wait for the perfect circumstances. Of course, for them, nothing ever seems to work out perfectly. (

Voyeur- You watch the young couple on the bus and wonder what their story is. My first Buffyverse story! (

Consented to be Wrecked- Dawn centric. Shallow cuts can bleed for years. (

Everything Turns to Gold- Happy Spuffy post-NFA. (

Hourglass- The first night he's human is filled with tests. (

* We Couldn't Bring the Columns Down- Angel/Cordelia, post-NFA. It hurts to think about her. (

* The Silence in Between- Buffy/Spike; post-NFA. They are doomed to repeat the same patterns, over and over. (

* Burning Through the Bloodline- Buffy, Giles; post-Chosen. Sometimes the demons can't be fought with fists. (

*So This is Christmas- Dawn, Andrew; Dec. 2004. Dawn and Andrew decorate for Christmas. (

* All I Want for Christmas- Buffy/Spike, companion to the above fic. Buffy get's exactly what she wanted. (


* It's Hard to Lead the Life You Choose
- Salvatores, 1969. Hello Brother. (

* Mirror Girls- Katherine, vamp!Elena, post-S3. You and I were born to die. (

* Or Are You Someone's Prayer?- Jeremy, vamp!Elena, post-series. I go on as you get colder. (

* Ancient, Ageless, Endless- Caroline, Rebekah, in the far flung future. Written before the second half of S3 aired, so forgive some discrepancies. (


Like Chihuahuas- crack!fic, Spike and Logan Echolls compare girls with savior complexes. (


* Chained
- George Michael/Maeby, post-series; Oh, there must be a devil between us. (


* From This Day Forward
- Barney/Robin. Barney and Robin check out the coat closet at their wedding. (

* This is the Song That Never Ends- Robin, Ted's daughter; futurefic. "Aunt Robin, you have to help us!" (

VICTORIOUS (this is a thing now. I've made my peace with it...)

*Every Chorus Was Your Name- Jade/Beck, pre-series, S1, S3, several years post-series. Three times they say they love each other and twice it's implied. (

*As They Scrape Across the Floor- Jade/Beck, ensemble; S3. Jade's scheming, Beck has a solution, and everyone else is just trying to ignore the implications. (


* Hey Baby, Won't You Take a Chance?- Buffy/Spike and their endless dance. (

* This Goddamned Dance- Buffy/Spike S6 mix. (

* Broken From Bending- Buffy/Spike S6. (

* Sweep the Ashes, Let the Silence Find Us- Buffy/Spike general mix. (

*Big Damn Hero- Buffy S7. (

*The Enemy of Order- Ethan Rayne. (

*Behind Blue Eyes- Giles in S4. (

* No Place Like Home- Glory. (


* Three Buffy/Spike graphics and one gen Veronica Mars graphic. (

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