May 4th, 2013


Complicated Monsters {teensybang fic}


Title: Complicated Monsters
Author: smells_corrupt
Artist: serenada_art
Fandom: SPN canon
Pairing(s): Ruby/Sam
Word count: 5,377
Rating: pg-13
Genre: Gen, and romance
Contents: Mentions of sex and bloodplay, brief nudity, Lilith being Lilith, brief mentions of Hell, and Season 4 canon compliance.
Summary: There will be songs written about this someday.

A/N: I wanted to explore the summer between S3 and S4 form Ruby’s POV, because I think that’s a really interesting time for her, for her plan, and for her relationship with Sam. Dean’s still gone and the angels have yet to appear, so for a few months it’s relatively smooth sailing towards springing Lucifer. There are a lot of references to events/characters from S3 and S4, especially I Know What You Did Last Summer. The title comes from a verse of Paradise Lost, discussing Lucifer’s loyal followers. It seemed appropriate for Ruby.

Thanks: I have people to thank! I had a blast doing this, and it’s mostly because of y’all. So much thanks to serenada_art for the amazing art and title card and section separators, and for being so nice and easy to work with, and did I mention the gorgeous art? Everyone please go check it out! Another huge thanks to gryfndor_godess for being a kick-ass beta, and for telling me about the bang, in the first place :D And, last but definitely not least, Thank you to the mods for making a fun and easy bang challenge!

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