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Three banners because I do what I want. BUT. You should all go over t love_resolution nd get to sharing the fandom love, because it is a delightful idea. 

Basically, what happens is this: I post a list of things I wish someone would watch/read/write. And then responder A comments on my thread and says "I'll watch/read/write such-and-such" And then I go to responder A's thread and see what's listed. And then I say that in exchange for such-and-such, I will watch/read/write so-and-so. And thus, the fandom love is shared. There is a better explanation on the comm... 

Under the cut is the detailed version of the list I left on the comm and I've linked it. This is my list of things I wish for
I wish someone would watch <i>Veronica Mars</i>
I adore this show. Adore it. Love it all to pieces. So obviously, I think everyone should also love it all to pieces. But that's not a super convincing reason. So I tried to come up with better reasons than "I love it and you should love it and we should all love it together yay!" I'm also focusing on S1, because while all three seasons are great (S3 gets a rap for being bad, but it's more that the quality of S1/2 is so high, S3 looks bad in comparison. It's not bad. It's just not as good), S1 is first and the best.
Brief description of S1: Veronica, the daughter of a PI, and a high school junior, delves into the mysteries and secrets of her hometown of Neptune CA, as well as doing her own investigation of the murder of her best friend Lilly Kane. 
The characters: The characters are developed, multi-faceted people, and pull you in, despite yourself. Also the character arcs/development/backstory are all pretty solidly done.
The storytelling: The first season starts out a year or so after Lilly's death, and slowly reveals more and more about Veronica, her friends and family, and her motivations. It also does quite a few flashbacks, contrasting who she was, with who she has become. 
Neptune: A corrupt and gossipy place. Small, idyllic beach town, but there is something rotten in the state of Denmark, and my working theory is that Neptune is built over a Hellmouth.
Speaking of which: Not a fantastic reason, but if you're on my flist you'll probably get a kick out of all the BtVS alum that appear. Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter interact at one point, and it is one of my favorite things ever. 
VERONICA: That's it, that's all I've got. Just her name. Because if I try to get into how amazing this girl is, we will be here all week. Strong, stubborn, snarky, brave, smart, and broken in the most deliciously painful ways. 

Basically, this show will rip your heart out and you will say thank you as it happens. AND I LOVE IT LIKE BURNING
I wish someone would watch <i> Psych</i>
A fake psychic who uses his extreme talents at observation and memory, solves crimes for the Santa Barbara PD, and drags his since-childhood BFF along on wacky adventures. Said BFF would probably rather curl up with a nice cup of cocoa and some reality TV, but he enjoys himself anyway. If you like to smile while you watch detectives solve murders, this is the show for you. Also, although the central (but not only) relationship on the show is the friendship between two men, and there's a definite aspect of "bromance," Psych oes "bromance" in what is probably the best way I've seen on television. It never feels like the show is shoving it at me all, "look at these man friends, they are so in touch with their emotions, here have some manpain." Shawn and Gus are best friends, have been since they were little, that's just how things are, moving on. And the female characters are treated with respect and like they are actual people, with actual thoughts/feelings/things to offer the world. The best example I can think of, off the top of my head rn, in terms of the show's attitude towards women is that when the actress who plays the police chief was cast she told the producers that she was pregnant and would be showing by the time filming started, and would that be a problem? And they said no, why would that be a problem, we'll just make the chief pregnant, nbd. And in the first several episodes, Chief Vick is extremely pregnant and it is Not. A. Big. Deal. No one questions how well she can do her job, or if she should be there, or what it means to be a woman trying to balance family and work. She's pregnant. She has the baby. She goes on maternity leave. She comes back and continues doing her job. Ok, I went on a tangent there, sorry. 

It's a quirky detective show, and it's got lovable characters, and I like it a whole heap
I wish someone would watch <i>Moonrise Kingdom</i>
This movie is delightful. A little offbeat which is understandable, because it's a Wes Anderson film, but it's offbeat in a delightful way. And funny. And pretty. It is a gorgeous movie
I wish someone would watch <i>Cabin in the Woods</i>
I don't like horror films, but I love this movie. And I'd bet that most of my flist has seen it, but if you haven't, I think you should give it a shot.

I wish someone would watch <i>The Newsroom</i>
Ten episodes of pretty solid writing, entertaining characters, and tennis-match dialogue. It's an Aaron Sorkin show, and it's trying to hide that. But it's interesting, and engaging, and features a large cast that actually do interact with each other. It's definitely got it's issues, and it gets really preachy at times, but it's still a good show, and I want to talk about it :D Also, it does some pretty big time jumps, occasionally, but I like that
I wish someone would read<i> The Gemma Doyle trilogy</i> by Libba Bray
A Great and Terrible Beauty 
Rebel Angels
The Sweet Far Thing

These are books about women. And about girls trying to feel their way into adulthood. And about the strength of friendship between girls and women and how that friendship can be just as uplifting or just as destructive as any romantic relationship. And about those girls and those women trying to take control their own fates, and their own lives, and their own sexualities, and their own power. Which is difficult, because these are women and girls living in Victorian England. And, oh yeah, there's also magic, and mystery, and a parallel realm. And Boarding school. And secret societies. And gypsies. And a painfully realistic portrayal of what it would look like for a high-born English girl and a working class Indian boy, should they fall in love with each other in 1893. But primarily, it is about ladies And I am forever bitter that this YA, fantasy series didn't catch on in quite the same way as another YA fantasy series. I mean, what?
I wish someone would read <i>The Diviners</i> also by Libba Bray
I like Libba Bray. It's a thing. Anyhoo. 
The Diviner is the first book in her newest series, and I tore through all ~460 pages of that business in a weekend. Like the above series, it is a historical, fantasy series, but that's about as far as plot similarities go. The Diviners is in 1920's New York City, and follows a loosely connected group of teenagers who all have certain powers that have just started to manifest. Some of them know each other by the end of the book, some don't, and only a few know about each others "gifts." The plot and Big Bad of the novel are well done, and things are wrapped up nicely, but there's definitely a lot left open for the continuation. It felt a lot like reading a season of a tv show, tbh. Season-long story/character arcs were wrapped up, but series-long arcs are still open. Fun characters, great world-building, murder, magic, and speakeasys. What more can you ask for?
I wish someone would read <i>Invisible Monsters </i> by Chuck Palahniuk
Before I go any farther, I'm going to point out who the author is, and say that he does have a very distinct style/voice and it is certainly not for everyone, and if you give it a try and find that it's not for you, I will completely and totally understand. Fight Club is probably the author's most famous work, Invisible Monsters is far and away my favorite. I can't really explain the plot, because it's really fragmented and out of order, and explaining any part of it requires a lot of spoilers. But the narrator is a girl who has lost a large part of her face, and can't speak. And another main character is a drag queen named Brandy Alexander. The plot is fragmented, like I said, but it does all tie together towards the end. And it definitely goes to some dark, twisty places, but it's ends up with a more hopeful ending than a lot of other books by him. I also have to say that I don't have a particularly compelling argument for why I want people to read this book. Because I don't know why I love this book as much as I do, but I really, really do. Probably because the first time I read it I was fifteen, and that's a formative age, and it spoke to my bleeding, angsty, teenaged soul (and later to my numb, depressed teenage soul) idk. It's just "one of those books" for me. I've read my copy so many times, it's falling apart a little bit. Different passages and lines grabbed me at different times for different reasons, and at this point almost the whole text is underlined in various colors of ink. The only already-been-read novels I hauled across the country with me, when I started college, were all 7 HP books and Invisible Monsters, if that tells you anything. It's one of those books that I want to buy every time I see it in a bookstore. I have an ebook version. It was rereleased in hardback, and I have that one too. And it contains what is possibly my all time favorite quote (it contains a lot of great quotes, but that's neither here nor there): "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known."

What I'm saying, basically, is that this is a wish based off my own ridiculous love affair with this book. You know those books that you read at a certain age, and something about the book jumps out at you, and you identify with that book to a absurd degree? Often, I have been told, those are coming-of-age type stories. This is not a coming-of-age story. But other than that? Yeah, this is ~that book, for me Which may say some things about me
<b>Writing (this is by far the most selfish, and most just-putting-it-out-there part of the list): </b>
I wish someone would writ <i>Cabin in the Woods</i>, post-movie, Dana/Marty fic where they try to survive in the world they created
I wish someone would writ <i>BtVS</i>, post-series, Willow/Faith fic with the two of them dealing with their issues and their darkness, and helping each other
I wish someone would write lotty, Buffy/Spike, S7, canon-compliant fic, secret relationship fic, where they're together but not ~together (except they totally are).
I wish someone would writ <i>The Newsroom</i>, Don/Sloane fic

^^^ This is all pretty self explanatory, I just want things
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