I have not been swallowed by the apocalypse

But I sort of feel like I have. My house lost power from a large windstorm, yesterday morning, and it's still off, taking any and all wifi access with it. So if I owe you replies or fic, I haven't forgotten you! I'm just being roadblocked by the end of the world. *g*
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Fic: An Emotion You Cannot Deny, 1/4

This is all ever_neutral's fault. Blame her. *g*

Title: An Emotion You Cannot Deny
Summary: S4 Willow/Riley affair!fic.
Rating: Pg-13
Chapter Length: ~2,500 words
Characters/Pairing(s): Willow, Riley, ensemble, Willow/Riley. Possibly some background, suggested Buffy/Spike because who am I?
Timeline: Starts in a slight AU version of New Moon Rising, and continues to the end of S4.
AN: This came from a conversation with ever_neutral about how Riley and Willow always seemed like a more sensible match than Buffy and Riley, at least in S4.
Story Notes: Normally when I do an AU, I lean towards the “ripple effect” type, where one tiny thing is different, and that tiny thing makes waves that change a lot of bigger of things. This is not one of those. This is a what if? scenario with Willow and Riley accidentally falling in love. For the purposes of this AU, Tara does not exist. And Willow and Riley have become much closer friends then they were in canon. Buffy and Riley’s relationship progressed similarly to the way it did in canon, but because of the feelings for Willow that Riley is trying to ignore, he and Buffy are a little more casual for a little bit longer.

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When we collide, let's see what gets left over

Victorious Fic

I wrote kwritten some really astoundingly fluffy Beck/Jade fic, as a (super late) birthday present.

I hope you like it! It was the least I could do, after being responsible for getting you invested in it in the first place! *g*

Title: A Two Hearted Dream
Summary: You know, my darling, I can’t stand to sleep alone. 5 beds they’ve shared.
Timeline: One pre-series, one post-Locked Up, three post-series.
Words: ~4,000 (what even?)

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When we collide, let's see what gets left over


I'm stealing this meme from ever_neutral

Give me a fandom/pairing and I will make you a mini fanmix of between 3-6 songs! 

And I am adding to that: Be as specific as you want! It doesn't have to be just fandom/pairing. There can be ~prompts. Like specific scenes. Or general tone. Challenge me, I love it!

But seriously, please? I really love making mixes. Like, it is probably not healthy how much I love it. I love it so much. 
When we collide, let's see what gets left over


I've been playing around with photoshop for the past month or so and I finally got a handful of graphics that I wanted to share. Two TVD and a Veronica Mars. No BtVS, since I can't get ahold of any caps for it :(

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When we collide, let's see what gets left over

Fic: And Don't Let Go (Cabin in the Woods)

So, uh, I saw Cabin in the Woods last weekend, and then there was fic on my computer. Not totally sure how that happened tbqh.

Title: And Don't Let Go
Characters/Pairing: Marty, Dana, slight Marty/Dana
Summary: They're holding hands when the world ends. But the world doesn't end.
Length: 648 words
Bonus: I've been playing around with photoshop again, so there's a bonus graphic at the end of the fic *g*

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